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Fast Flight provides extra speed plus the advantages of a Flemish twist string of being quieter, easier to adjust as the string stretches and allows you to easily attach Saunders Whisper Whisker String Silencers or Mountain Man Beaver Ball String Silencers which can be purchased separately.

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hand. The direction that tightens the serving is the proper direction. With Flemish twist strings you will notice the twists tightening or loosening. The string included with your bow will give you the recommended brace height. Although the string has been pre-stretched, it will stretch slightly after being shot a few times.

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(Includes Shelf Rest and Flemish Twist string) Vixen One Piece Longbow $450.00 (Includes Shelf Rest and Flemish Twist String) Options are on a request basis I require a $250.00 deposite on all orders and the balance when the bow is done before shipping, plus a $25.00 shipping charge. Current order to delivery time is running approximately 30 days

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Jan 17, 2016 · I used to make endless loop strings when I first started in bow making. Once I learned how to make a flemish twist that is all I have made since. I have a 2x4 with a couple heavy duty shelf brackets with bolt hooks that I can adjust up and down the board. When I make a string I stretch it until I get the exact length I want from it.

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Bear Archery - 50th Anniversary FF Flemish Twist Bow String Special Order (6-12 Weeks)* € 19.33. Add to Cart In your cart . Add to compare. Shocq - B50 Traditional ...

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The first bow has a left handed grip with a draw weight of 50#, while the second one has a primitive, ambidextrous grip, and a draw weight of 45#. Each bow came fitted with a well-waxed brown Flemish twist string. The string came unserved and without a nocking point set.

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Flemish twist bow strings made for longbows and recurves. Available color at time of order will be shipped.

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TRINITY STRINGS started in 2014 strictly as a hobby and has simply grown from there. There really is no “Us”, just a “Me”..…Keith. I cut every bundle and twist every string by hand. I started shooting crossbows back in 1996 with an old Horton Legend. That bow served me well and I took many big’ol Ohio whitetails with it.

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Make Offer - LONGBOW 61" Actual Length BLACK & WHITE B-50 DACRON FLEMISH TWIST BOW STRING 62" AMO Flemish SAMICK BowString BLACK & WHITE B-50 DACRON Recurve Bow USA MADE $15.89

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Quality Dacron Flemish twist traditional bow strings. Feature nylon center serving. Includes string Twist-Keeper. All traditional strings are measured by AMO bow length. Actual string will measure approximately 4" shorter than listed length.

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